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Humbled & Honored

Corinne awarded
2009 FACULTY OF THE YEAR at Lake Forest Corporate Education

11 Oct 2009, Lake Forest IL, Corinne Miller received the 2009 Distinguished Faculty of the Year at the annual Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Faculty Dinner.

This award was to recognize her work in developing, delivering, and receiving top-box customer satisfaction scores for a half-day course, Managing Telecommuters, to meet the changing needs of Chicagoland businesses.


For more information on Managing Telecommuters and other courses, both classroom and virtual, click here.




Ellen Myers Account Manager, John Popoli President & CEO, LFGSM, Corinne, Kathy Leck Executive VP LFCE


It's 7:30am and Corinne hasn't arrived yet for the 8am Managing Telecommuter class. Ellen is worried since Corinne is always there an hour ahead.

Corinne calls and reports traffic on I-94 is at a stand still due to a truck rollover ahead. But at 7:40am she's nearing the Route 60 exit.

Oops...while talking to Ellen, Corinne MISSES THE EXIT. The next exit is 3 miles ahead and traffic is moving at 1 mph. Do the math and it's a disaster as the business participants are sitting in the classroom by now waiting for Corinne.

Being the innovator she is, Corinne got off I-94 at the Lake Forest Oasis just feet ahead and walked through a RAIN & WIND STORM, via a back construction driveway connecting to the business park where the school is located, was picked up by Ellen, and whisked to school.

Whew! Though wet and now having a broken umbrella, Corinne made it to class just in time. It made for a great opener that day!

Thanks Ellen for the new UMBRELLA!


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