Corinne's new book REINVENTING YOUR WORK: 8 Powerful Tips for a Joyful Career

Corinne's Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Teaching Excellence Awards

Corinne's new book REINVENTING YOUR WORK: 8 Powerful Tips for a Joyful Career

The more of your interests that you can integrate into your daily work, 

the more joy your work will bring you.  

Reinventing your work is a powerful concept. However, it’s not always clear when, where, why, and how to do it. 

This book presents eight tips to help you more easily reinvent your work -  avoiding issues, making better decisions, and enjoying your journey.

Orchestrating Sustainable Innovation

Corinne's chapter "Differences" in Orchestrating Sustainable Innovation

Corinne's Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Teaching Excellence Awards

Corinne's new book REINVENTING YOUR WORK: 8 Powerful Tips for a Joyful Career

"Diversity of thinking is critical to all four stages of a typical innovation process:  problem identification, idea generation, exploration of potential solutions, and implementation.  

Organizations best leverage differences when they identify and match the strengths of particular styles with each of the four stages of innovation."

Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

Corinne's Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Teaching Excellence Awards

Corinne's Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Teaching Excellence Awards

Corinne's Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Teaching Excellence Awards

Corinne Miller teaches innovation, communication and leadership for Lake Forest Graduate School of Management Corporate Learning Solutions. 

Corinne was awarded the Distinguished Faculty Member honor in 2008, Corporate Faculty of the Year in 2009, and Teaching Excellence awards in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

About Innovating Results



  • Techniques and processes taught are being used by clients. 
  • Clients have successfully implemented new or enhanced products or services.
  • Average client evaluation scores 4.7 out of 5 for training programs.

Corinne Miller


  • 11 years innovation training & consulting  across many disciplines including Technology & Science, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, and more. Certified Innovation Facilitator & Coach.  Award-winning Faculty at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management.
  • 25 years of experience in positions across engineering, business operations, quality, program management, marketing, entrepreneurship, including Motorola University Senior Director and introduced first Innovation Learning Portfolio in the corporation. 
  • Have been and still am an innovator!  I've reinvented my work throughout my career. For example, check out my art business where I have blended engineering and fine art by placing microchips and real subject materials in my paintings for more experiential art



Allstate, AbbVie, BMW Technology Group, Rust-Oleum, McDonalds, Spot Trading, Workforce Chicago, NorthShore University Health Systems, RIM (Blackberry), Continental Automotive, Topco, Northland Labs, Abbott, HSBC, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Takeda, Dairy Management Inc, Adaptive Strategies, Orlando Tourism, Mobius Executive Leadership, Panasonic, Solo Cup, CDW, HealthCare Services Inc, Emerson Electric, GE Capital, Sysmex, Experian, Follett Higher Education, First Midwest Bank, Navigant, ZS Associates, Aon Hewitt, John Crane, Metropolitan Water Reclamation and more.  

As Award-Winning Faculty at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM), taught in MBA program; and serving clients of LFGSM Corporate Learning Solutions group since 2007, some listed above.




Every offering is customized for your specific training, speaking, or consulting needs. Customization includes examples and/or challenges specific to your team. Every offering is highly interactive and uses the proven principles of adult learning. We'll work together but I won't take any more of your time than you have to offer. For example, if we're having an innovation training workshop or event, we can use your real-world problem or desire when we practice the innovation techniques. This increases learner engagement and further... your return on investment is greater when you have real-world ideas and actions from your participants.

If you don't see exactly what you're interested below, I always customize so we can precisely meet your needs.

Training/Learning Sessions, Workshops, and Events

For Senior Leaders:

Leading for Innovation 

For Others:

-Innovation for Everyday Problem Solving

-Creating an Innovation Mindset

-Crafting "Innovation-Ready" Questions

-When Your Head Gets in the Way: Avoiding Cognitive Biases & Assumptions

-"Innovation-Ready" Selection Criteria, The Right Team, and a Left/Right Brain Process

-Being an Innovation Leader

-Creative Thinking for Better Ideas Faster

-Innovation Practices for Decision-Making

-Discover Your Thinking Style

-Reinventing Your Work: 8 Powerful Tips for a Joyful Career (based on Corinne's book)...

and many more.

Our time together can range from a one hour event to a workshop with follow-on coaching. Micro or macro. In-person or virtual depending on your goals.

Innovation Project Workshop - Example

Applying a 4-stage innovation process to your problem, wish, desire, or goal -- be it engineering, IT, scientific, marketing, manufacturing, finance, etc. -- that results in action plans.

Stage 1 - Questions

Stage 2 - Ideas

Stage 3 - Selection of Ideas to Pursue

Stage 4 - Action Planning

Speaking Engagements for Any Event - Example

For keynotes or other speaking needs. While this might be called a speaking engagement, they are always learning events in some form with a lot of audience interaction and take-aways.

Creating an Innovation Mindset

Discover Your Thinking Style

Innovation... and many more.

More on "Discover Your Thinking Style"

For your meeting or training event...  imagine a 45-60 minute interactive session where participants are on their feet, interacting at their seats, and leaving with valuable information on their personal thinking style. They can use this information to know where they best fit into the innovation process, improve team interaction, and improve their ability to contribute across all stages of innovation.


Corinne's publications can be found via her LinkedIn profile

or find them below.



Quote by Corinne Miller; Tip #3 from "Reinventing Your Work: 8 Powerful Tips for a Joyful Career"

An original oil painting and quote by Corinne. Contact me for postcard or poster size images suitable for framing. 

Reasonable prices vary based on volume. 


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